Increasing Your Children’s Immune System During The Holidays

Kilburn Gaels Hurling Club The end of this year coincides with a long school holiday. It’s time to go on vacation with Little One! Hold on a minute. Before planning a vacation, you should first consider a variety of ways to increase children’s immune system so that they can stay healthy during the holidays later.

The reason is, children are very vulnerable to diseases such as colds and coughs because the immune system is not as healthy and perfect as adults. Especially in Indonesia, when it has begun to enter the rainy season, which can affect the body’s immunity so that viruses and bacteria that cause disease are more vulnerable to attack.

Children are also more susceptible to disease because they usually do not understand and care about cleanliness around. Which ones are clean and which ones are dirty can be difficult for them to distinguish, especially when playing with friends.

Now, so that children stay healthy during the holidays, there are some tips parents can do, to improve the child’s immune system, namely: 

1. Meet Your Child’s Nutrition Needs

Besides being suitable for growth and development, the intake of foods rich in nutrients and balanced nutrition is also a provision for the Little immune system to fight disease. Early on, teach and get used to your child to consume vegetables and fruit. Because the two types of food that contain phytonutrients, which can increase the immune system by stimulating the production of white blood cells and interferon to fight bacterial and viral infections.

Not only that, eating vegetables and fruit every day can also make your child protected from various chronic diseases, such as heart disease and cancer, when he grows up. In addition to healthy, also make sure the portion provided is not excessive.

In addition to consuming balanced nutritious food, perfect your Little Nutrition needs with milk. Yes, milk is highly recommended for children to drink, because the nutritional content is complete. Nutrient components contained in milk are also essential for children’s growth, such as protein, magnesium, zinc, fat, and various other vital minerals.

Then, what kind of milk is right for supporting the growth and health of your child? Nestle – Nutren Junior is the answer. Nestle Milk – Nutren Junior has a high content of whey protein, so it is suitable for children’s growth, especially their muscle development. Nestle – Nutren Junior is specially formulated to help children aged 1-10 years, to meet the daily nutritional needs of your child, according to their optimal growth and development potential.

2. Stay Clean!

To minimize viral and bacterial infections, parents need to ensure personal hygiene and the environment of the Little One, especially the playground. Teach him to always wash his hands before eating and after using the toilet. If the child is injured while playing, give first aid by cleaning and covering the wound with sterile tape or bandages.

3. Monitor Their Nap Time

For adults, lack of sleep can make the body more easily sick because the immune system decreases and fails to fight viruses and bacteria that cause disease. This also applies to children, you know. The ideal sleep time needed by babies is 18 hours, toddlers 12-13 hours, and school-aged children need about 10 hours a day to sleep. Therefore, during the holidays, monitor your baby’s sleep time by reminding him to take a nap or go to bed early if he doesn’t have time to take a nap.

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