5 Differences That New Normal Brings To Jakarta

Kilburngaelshurlingclub.orgThe COVID-19, otherwise known as Coronavirus, had dealt a severe blow on Indonesia’s economy and health care. However, currently, the condition has become better since the government has lifted the lockdown. There are new regulations as in New Normal, which affects various areas of activity in Jakarta.

1. New Normal In Shopping Centers

While shopping malls are now re-open for the public, few changes are quite significant. Firstly, there is 50% visitors’ limitation, to leave extra space for food court and seats. Secondly, not all kinds of shops are allowed to open, such as cinemas and fitness centers. Thirdly, the visitors are expected to wear masks and are expected to use the disinfectant provided in the mall regularly. Also, it is much more preferable if the visitors were to use digital payment such as OVO or GoPay.

2. Flights

Both domestic and international flights are now possible but with additional restrictions in place. For domestic flights, passengers are required to obey the underlying health protocol (wearing a mask and keeping distance). Other than that, passengers are required to provide a medical statement for negative PCR, medical statement of non-reactive rapid-test, or a medical statement for free of influenza symptoms. 

For international flights, passengers are required to obey basic health protocols. Passengers also need to provide a medical statement for the PCR test; if not provided, it needs to be taken destination airport. While waiting for the result of the PCR test, international flight passengers are required to be quarantined provided by the airport destination.

3. New Normal In The Workplace

With the New Normal being implemented, workers are now allowed to get back to work. Currently, workers are not allowed to have meetings outside the office. Any meeting outside the office needs to be done through a video conference.

Workers are also no longer allowed to eat outside the office. Any food bought outside the office is highly recommended to be taken away and eaten in the office. It’s much more preferable if food and cutlery are brought from home. This is done to limit all activities only in the office.

Under the New Normal rule, overtime is no longer allowed since overtime work could possibly leave the employees to be lacking time to rest, which can lower the immune system. 

4. Going Out of Town

For those who enjoy going out of town during weekends, you might face various restrictions. Travelers need to carry their ID cards at all times for identification for checkpoints. Travelers also need to obtain a medical certificate for the PCR test or Rapid-test. For those who live in Jakarta are expected to obtain a permit to allow entry and exit of Jakarta.

5. At Home

As COVID-19 is still raging in Jakarta, it’s possible to bring the virus back home. Thus, some precautions are to prevent that. Going back home is no longer as easy as before the pandemic. Before entering the house, takes off the footwear and then disinfect your feet. Wash your hands with soap and water. Then, immediately separate the clothing you are wearing, get a bath, and wear clean clothes, to reduce the possibility of infection.

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